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  • Date 9:30AM Tuesday 16th August 2005
  • Location Wellington
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Environment Committee

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Other Matters

1. General

2. Questions

Public Business

Matters for Information

1. Decisions on Non-notified Resource Consent Applications

2. Summary of Science and Research Support 2004/05

3. Findings from the Heritage and Landscape work for the State of the Environment Report

4. Technical Report on Monitoring Programmes

5. Regional Policy Statement and Regional Plan Implementation 2004/2005

7. Pollution Control Report for the period 9 June to 8 July 2005

8. Urban Stream Sediment Quality Investigation

9. Regional Input to Statutory Planning

10. CCA and Formaldehyde Monitoring at Railway Crescent, Masterton

Matter for Decision

1. Acting Divisional Manager's Report

Environmental Matters

Civil Defence Matters

1. There are no Civil Defence matters for consideration

Harbour Matters

1. There are no Harbour matters for consideration

Procedural Items

1. Apologies

2. Confirmation of Minutes of 5 July 2005

3. Public Participation

End of record